Park Rules

Speed Limit

  • Speed limit in park is 10 MPH.


  • No diving, jumping, running or rough play on pool or deck. 
  • No lifeguard at the pool. Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult in and around the pool. No exceptions.
  • Proper swimwear, including swim diapers when needed, must be worn. 
  • Day visitors (unregistered guests) are $2/per person.


    • Pets must be leashed if outside the RV.
    • Clean up after your pet! Be considerate and responsible. If you are not, you may be asked to leave with no refund.
    • Pets are not permitted in clubhouse, pool area, restrooms or laundry room. (FL state law)
    • Pets must have current rabies inoculation. (FL state law)
    • Park management can decide a pet is too aggressive or loud; the pet will need to be removed from the park.
    • PETS NO MORE THAN 40LBS (As per insurance regulations)
    • Service dogs must have current paperwork.
  • Absolutely NO PETS in vacation cottages at any time.


    • See board for activities, events, and special programs being held in the clubhouse.
    • Management must approve of all events to be held in clubhouse.
    • No smoking, alcohol or pets in clubhouse.
  • Kitchen use is for special events. See management for details.

Laundry Room

    • 30-minute washers $1.50; 40-minute dryers $1.00 (25¢ for extra 10 minutes)
    • Management not responsible for your items, damage, theft, or otherwise.
    • Attend your items. If the cycle finishes, your unattended items may be removed from the machine.
    • NO POWDERS! High-efficiency liquid soap only. No fabric softens.
  • Please be considerate and clean lint filter at completion of dryer cycle.


    • Park off of the roadway and not on neighboring lot. Use central parking lot if needed.
  • One RV and one passenger vehicle per site. Additional charge for additional vehicles.


    • Posted rates are for two people; additional guests are $2/day.
    • Please keep site free of clutter and trash. Chairs, grill and plants are acceptable.
    • Please keep site neat and tidy. For the safety of our lawn care worker, do not string clotheslines between trees! For the survival of your personal items, don’t leave them in the grass.
    • No campfires/fire pits.
  • Please do not feed the wildlife.


    • Must be bagged and placed inside the dumpster; do not pile trash on the outside of dumpster.
    • Dumpster is located near the south entrance.
    • Please break down all boxes before putting them in the dumpster.
  • During peak season, trash pick-up is 3 times a week.


    • Dispose of cigarette butts in proper container. Butts on the ground are not acceptable. That is littering. It is also inconsiderate and a health hazard to wildlife. Don’t do it!
  • Positively NO SMOKING in Laundry Room, Club House, Vacation Cottages, or Pool area.

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the public areas of the park.

Scooters, Skateboards & Roller Blades

  • Safety is critical in J.O.Y. RV Park. No scooters, skateboards, or roller-blades to be used on the property.


    • Parents/Grandparents/Guardians are responsible for their own children.
  • Other guests and the management personnel of this park are not and will not be responsible for children in your care.

Park rules are to be followed and are subject to change without notice.

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